Growth & Expansion

Modern business thrives through constant growth and expansion 

Yoga will help your business:

  • Boost growth and profits
  • Reduce costs of absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Develop authentic leadership
  • Improve Staff Retention

Improved employee health at work has the potential to make a significant positive contribution to your business, by increasing performance and productivity, through reduced levels of stress, illness and absenteeism, profitable businesses grow and expand.

The way in which we work today, the state of our environment, technologies and the nature of illness are all changing, this creates both challenges and opportunities for employers and employees.  Offering corporate yoga is an effective way to address these challenges. 

  • Growth in the people as individuals and teams.
  • Growth in leadership - in the systems, environment, processes, and in the management. 
  • Growth in profits all means Expansion in the business.

Leading edge technologies change constantly - are you keeping up with the pace of change?

Yoga is a life style development science, from the latest science and technology we can now find compelling evidence that the wisdom of the ancient yoga knowledge and practices, it theories and philosophy, not only work on the body but also on the mind to empower and strengthen individuals, relationships and organisations.


In 2012 the estimated annual costs to UK businesses through staff sickness hit over £100 billion. 

Most people spend over a third of their waking hours for up to 40 years of their life at work, so employers are well placed to support all workers to exercise more, smoke less and eat more healthily.  Yoga has many aspects and techniques that will support all of you in your working environment, helping sustain behavioural change and integrate new and beneficial habits into daily life. When considering sickness we include both absenteeism and presenteeism, when employees attend work while ill so they can infect and affect those around them, take longer to fully recover, which all contributes to an under performing work force.

Corporate yoga offers a unique and so far under-exploited system for preventative healthcare.  It provides a powerful way to effectively invest in a company's greatest asset, a decisive competitive factor - employee health at work so any corporations who are interested in learning yoga in London would benefit greatly from doing so.

The three risk factors that are largely responsible for an escalating epidemic of chronic disease –  poor diet, smoking and lack of physical activity – can all be easily and effectively tackled by yoga education developed to take place in the workplace. An emerging environmental stress and additional risk factor is now becoming apparent. As we move swiftly into the mobile electronic age we must begin to consider ways to reduce the potentially toxic affects of microwaves and other radio waves that are so prevalent in our environment to prevent any adverse effects on our health and wellbeing. 

Mobile and wireless technologies all use the microwave frequency spectrum. The radiated output power of these devices operates continuously and everyone in the office environment is being exposed to EMF radiation while at work and usually at home too.

By encouraging and facilitating small changes in personal habits and in the environment at work, employers can begin to address the long-term health of their employees and, as a natural effect the health of their own companies.

What we offer is real corporate health and well-being – from the people up.

If you would like to learn more about how Yoga can help you and your business then feel free to contact us.

Please email or call on 020 7336 8960 or 07791 047059.

What our Clients Say About Us

“Since starting yoga classes I can honestly say I feel 10 years younger.” Anna.H. Insurance Broker London

“Doing yoga makes me feel more alive, I could really feel the difference after the just the first class and it lasted for days.” Ed. London

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed and been awake at the same time!” Liz.M. H.R. Manager London

“I loose my temper less, I’m not as angry and find it easier to stay cool, calm and collected. Wow what a difference it’s made to my collegues and more importantly to my wife and kids!” Rob. V.P. Banking, London

"Hi Marion, I wanted to thank you. Last night for the first time in about a year I slept for ten hours straight. I dont think it's just a coincidence! I also realised last night that I can get the help I need through my college so I'll speak to them tomorrow.
You're the best! J" Julie (Event co-ordinator and student counsellor,  London) – Emailed Oct 2014 

"Hello Marion, disc a lot better today, Was still painful last night although better, and now is so much better. Today I’ve had so much energy and have cleard my desk! It must be the yoga or you. Tony" (Architect – London) – Emailed Nov 2013

"Hi Marion, just wanted to update you. I started and so far have stuck to a new very low carb diet as you suggested, I’m doing the daily prcatice you designed and my stomach is a zillion times better. It’s so great…Andrea" (Recruitment consultant Kent) – Emailed May 2013

"Hi Marion, It’s Matt from yesterday’s workshop. Wanted to thank you for the yoga and healing (I think you called it EFT?). I feel very happy and nice about life. And I think you are a fab teacher, you helped me get through a really tough day or so, and I would like to see you again… Thanks for being part of a great festival! With love, Matt" (Telecoms Engineer – Middlesex) – Text message Aug 2014 

"Hi Marion, I can't quite believe it! The itching has reduced, I don’t feel any where near as much stress and know there is more to do, but it’s been going on for over 20 years and in just 3 sessions everything has changed. I feel I am dumping the crap from the past but don’t yet know the path for going forward which is not normal for me but  I am putting a list of options together and letting things take their course – it’s an interesting and such a valuable journey. My wife and I can now see things differently and that helps us move forward I really do feel so better, it’s hard to describe – thanks for yesterday.  Loads of love. Steve" (Construction Project Manager – London) - Emailed Jul 2013