Boost your Brains Natural Ability for Happiness.

Modern psychology and neuroscience have begun to unravel the powerful, positive effects of yoga practice, including increased endorphin production. corporate yoga brain health and happiness 

Boost your brains natural ability for happiness

Endorphins are the hormones that relax the body, remove pain, and create the physical sensations of wellbeing.

  • Leadership and Caring – Provides the foundation and fuel for genuinely feeling positive, benevolent and strong. Burnout decreased; bedside manner improved.
  • Psychological and Emotional – Empowers and encourages. People discover they can influence their own chemistry and mood – but with no drugs or dependency. Also provides an effective method for ‘holding’ pain and distress.
  • Physical – Releases tension, relaxes tissue, allowing a free flow of the body’s circulatory systems, enabling sustained good health and specific healing.

 Work smarter – Live smarter

Increase performance, productivity and popularity! Be a smart and popular leader in your business by providing corporate yoga with a serious and of course the fun factor.

Known to slash your road rage, smash through office tantrums and at the same time, uncover inner strength, easy focus and concentration.

Now scientifically proven how and why yoga, at 5000 years old, is still going strong!

Yoga has been developing and sustaining healthier and more fullfilled lives for people since about 3000 B.C. and it’s still going strong, so there must be something in it!

Yoga is a very practical aid, it is not a religion, and yoga techniques can be practiced by absolutely everyone. The deep relaxation that the teachings and techniques bring are restorative, healing, energising and transformative.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga.

Increase profit and reduce costs.

Yoga and meditation increase mental stamina, concentration and help to manage moods. Doing Yoga techniques and exercises is scientifically proven to improve brain function and produce natural happy chemicals that really do put you in a calm and happy mood.

When Corporate Yoga Classes are a regular workplace activity, staff are happier, more creative, more helpful and productive.

Regular yoga practice in the workplace gives staff something to look forward to, improves communication, relationships and decreases absenteeism and presenteeism.

Stress levels decrease significantly through a regular yoga session, bringing calm, stability, clarity and focus to the working environment, team building and bonding are a natural result, as is trust and openness.

Unmanaged workplace stress results in higher staff turnover, an increase in unplanned absense, workplace conflict, reduced performance, customer complaints, staff replacement costs and costly workers’ compensation claims.

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Yoga at your desk.

Yoga at your desk – each employee has a set of techniques that they can use at their desk, at pre-determined times they will spend 1-2 minutes on simple and effective yogic tools to energise and motivate then throughout the day. This prevents the body and the mind from becoming dull and inflexible after hours working at the desk.

Regular Yoga classes run at your place of work. (arranged at a time to suit you and your business). Click here to find out more.

Workshops and masterclasses, take place at various location around the City or in your place of work. Click here to find out more.

Private 1-2-1 personal yoga training, get your own Yoga Prescription, personalised for your specific needs and reviewed regularly.  Regular reviews can be done using Skype or Zoom. Click here to find out more.)

At the end of your personal yoga training session, you will receive your Personal Yoga Presription – a customized package, containing pictures, audio and if requested video files that give you step by step instructions for each pose you practice, detailing the benefits and precautions for each part of your personal yoga prescription, and other information such as mindfulness techniques or instructions for breathing practices.

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