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No time for Yoga

Corporate yoga no time for yoga Companies can do yoga too #CompaniesCanDoYogaToo #CorporateYoga

“I’m working all the hours god sends – I have no time for yoga …” No time for yoga… Does that sound familiar to you? Now whether you are a busy bee working long long hours or a yoga teacher

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Boost your Brains Natural Ability for Happiness.

Boost your brains natural ability for corporate yoga brain health and happiness

corporate yoga boost brain health and happiness

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Leaders are change makers.

So you’re probably thinking “What can some fluffy flakey yoga teacher tell me about leadership skills and business success?”  Or if you’ve ever heard me speak perhaps it’s “what can that gobby scouse bird teach me about successful contemporary corporate leadership?” Let

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Office Yoga At Your Desk

Office Yoga at your desk companies can do corporate yoga too Marion Bevington

Office Yoga at Your Desk for… The bottom-line paradox! Personally you want to firm up your bottom line but for business expansion is the goal! So how can office yoga at your desk help you? “You get more done when

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Transmissions for Transforming Business

Presenting, interviews and special appearances on podcasts are something I love to do – sharing my message with you to discover how through transforming yourself and transforming business is so important and these are so many great ways to do

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Choose The Company You Keep

When choice is recognised; when you choose to accept you are responsible for yourself and you take that responsibility – then real and deep healing begins… There is support here and we all need support – just ask and it

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Yoga Helps You Manage Stress

Does stress excite you or exhaust you? Your mobile phone is ringing, your most important client wants to talk to you and your partner wants to know what’s for dinner. Stress and anxiety are everywhere. How do you manage stress?

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Stress Management

Seated twist

How does Corporate Yoga work? Sonia Poleon at Colourful Radio wanted to know more about Corporate Yoga, so I went along to her show to do an interview. (A recording of the whole interview, including some great music, is below.)

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Yoga Workshops

Yoga Workshops Topics Include:   Yoga At Your Desk. Stress Management and Reduction. Perfect Public Speaking With Effective And Clear Communication. Sleep Better (*20 Mins Of Meditation Equates To 3 Hours Of Sleep) Building Trust and Stronger, Happier Teams Yoga

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Welcome toCorporate Yoga London

Presenting, interviews and special appearances on podcasts are something I love to do – sharing my message with you is important and these are just a few great ways to do this… I’d love to hear your questions and feedback

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