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The book on Corporate yoga built team resilience innovative leadership Companies can do yoga too #CompaniesCanDoYogaToo #CorporateYogaOur Founder and favorite yoga teacher
Marion Bevington, has published her first book.

“Companies Can Do Yoga Too”

How to implement cultural change and create a flexible business, fit for the future.

Discover A New Way – The Conscious Revolution happens in
The PRIME Profit Paradigm™

Do you want to develop a business that out performs all others and set yourself and your business apart from the competition in this the digital age?

A perception shift is needed, a new paradigm in which you learn how to facilitate collaborative communication, establish new behaviour, foster a company wide mindset alignment, build physical and mental resilience for yourself and the entire workforce, while encouraging innovative and authentic leadership.

Evolve and grow as a person, as a leader, and as a profitable business.

This helpful guide has it covered, using the ancient and as yet untapped science and art of yoga to explore and discover powerful tools and techniques to help you grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Everyone benefits when everyone grows.

Companies Can Do Yoga Too will transform how you do business.

Perhaps you want to improve your relationships?

Maybe you would like to enhance the way your employee’s communicate or build stronger teams, leaders and managers?

Potentially you want to increase innovation within your workplace and build a culture of authenticity that money just can’t buy?

Or perhaps you want to create an organisation that leads the way, being a 21st century powerhouse driven by the digital revolution?

Whether you are a leader in an established business or a budding entrepreneur, this book will inspire you to take positive action in growing a productive, healthy and profitable business at the same time as evolving yourself as a human being. You’ve discovered this book at exactly the right time to solve a problem that faces every business trading today.

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that humanity is having trouble keeping up. Men and women in boardrooms and management teams are having to deal with new ways of working, of dealing with customers, stress and nurturing teams. Those with dinosaur attitudes will be left behind and fail.

What’s needed is enlightened thinking in business about 21st century relationships, engagement, authenticity and what it looks like to do the right thing. In this book you are shown how to explore your current set of beliefs about life and business. Then to challenge them, find your true values and guide your life in an authentic way that’s true to yourself and to those around you.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Your beliefs and thoughts bring about a cascade of very real chemical and physical changes in your brain and the body.  Marion shows you how you and others in your company can use simple yoga tools, theories and philosophies to create the optimum mind and body for business success.

On a journey right back to ancient Vedic wisdom, discovering a simple system that explains how the body works on five different levels – the physical body, the energetic body, the mental body, the intellectual body and finally the bliss body. These five levels influence human behaviour in all manner of ways, and yoga helps you manage all of them better. Marion teaches you how to apply this wisdom in modern business settings, drawing upon her own experiences in the City of London, first a business woman for over 20 years and now as a yoga teacher and therapist.

Marion’s methods will help you say goodbye to bad sleeping habits, poor diet and high stress. She will instead give you power and performance to start your day wanting to get to work, energized and relaxed, and to go to bed with a profound sense of peace and achievement.

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Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor, Author, Energy Psychologist, Kinesiologist, Yoga Therapist and Radio Show host. I help you have fun and find fulfilment as you learn how to connect your mind and your body at a Soul level - empowering you beyond your wildest dreams! Discover the powerful, emotional and spiritual force inside YOU… Do you want to find the true you, communicate more authentically, be healthier & happier? I'm here on a mission to help you SEE and reveal what nobody else can! "With her Sixth Sense and Straight Talking, Marion helps you see things that others can't." Marina Nani.

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