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The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen To You…

Have you read the book “Companies Can Do Yoga Too!”  If you are interested in transform how you do business…

Perhaps you want to improve your relationships?

Maybe you would like to enhance the way your employee’s communicate or build stronger teams, leaders and managers?

Potentially you want to increase innovation within your workplace and build a culture of authenticity that money just can’t buy?

Or perhaps you want to create an organisation that leads the way, being a 21st century powerhouse driven by the digital revolution?

Transforming Business

Whether you are a leader in an established business or a budding entrepreneur, this book will inspire you to take positive action in growing a productive, healthy and profitable business at the same time as evolving yourself as a human being.

You’ve discovered this book at exactly the right time to solve a problem that faces every business trading today.

Today we’re diving deep into FINDING HIDDEN COSTS to your business!

“I’m Raymond Aaron…  New York Times Best Selling Author and a business coach. I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people find their true calling in life.

I offer guidance and advice on how to look within and find what makes your heart sing – and then find a way for you to monetise it. And I love nothing more than meeting people who believe this too, who have walked the walk, discovered their inner passion and now make their living that way.

So I’m particularly proud to know Marion Bevington the author of Companies Can Do Yoga Too! The title is intriguing because it’s indicating how companies can be healthy! You know that there are certain ways that your employees are unhealthy, represented by absenteeism and presenteeism… This IS COSTING you MONEY.

If you are a CEO, if you are a human resources specialist or manager, or if you are in charge of HR for any business, then you can use the calculator found at the website to determine EXACTLY how much money you can save by having a healthy company and by having a healthy workforce.

This is so powerful because it is like a big secret, it is an unknown LOSS.

This will not show up on your balance sheet because there is not an accounting entry for “sick work force” and so there is no way that you can see how much it is costing you and your business!

It doesn’t matter how carefully you study your financial figures it doesn’t matter how deeply you look into your financial reports it doesn’t matter how carefully you look at your financial statements you will not see this anywhere!

But it is there and it is a hidden ugly cost which is damaging and hurting your company greatly.

See the top of this page and use this calculator and find out exactly how much money you can save by using these techniques because then you will understand why you need to use Marion Bevington and Corporate Yoga London to help your company save this revenue, thrive in the current market and grow in to the great business you want to lead.”

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