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Transforming how you do business, generating more profit, building a healthier happier workforce, creating flexible and growing organisation – fit for the future. (Leotard optional!)

Say goodbye to bad sleeping habits, poor diet and high stress.

Say hello to power and top performance. Start your day wanting to get to work, energized and relaxed. Go to bed with a profound sense of peace and achievement.

Who are our teachers?

Marion our director and award winning author, has a corporate IT background so understands first hand the way we are affected by being desk bound in stressful working environments.  Marion is based in Central London.

We have a team of well qualified Yoga teachers and some Yoga Therapists. Their thorough knowledge of yoga, the anatomy of the body,  movement techniques, and experience of running private yoga classes in London will create a practice designed specifically for your needs.

Other health and Wellbeing qualifications held by members of our team include; knowledge from the ancient systems of health care; Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine, massage therapy, Pranic Healing and a variety of energy psychology and advanced therapeutic techniques.

London Based – Esther is one of our senior teachers, also a fully qualified Yoga Therapist, with a diploma from The Yoga Biomedical Trust. From a dance and performance background Esthers classes are fun and energetic – our students love her!

London Based – Lola is a fully qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Founder of Electric living and Full moon Women Power Workshops. From a music and performance background Lola classes are transformational.

London Based – Pablo trained in the Himalayas, in India under the guidence of his guru SwamiJi. 

 My objective is to inspire students through the practice of yoga, to re-connect to their own inner wisdom, innate healing abilities and expansive potential. Practicing mindfully means you can get to know your limits in body and mind, only then can we learn and grow.”

Learn more about the ancient science and art of Yoga and it’s secrets to successful healthy living will be revealed.

Teacher, trainer and founder of Corporate Yoga London,  Marion Bevington is one of those perceptive people that seem to have a sixth sense about life. Straight talking but warm, someone you want on your team with a finely tuned ability to see things others couldn’t. She’d give you a hug hello and immediately know you had a pain in your foot. She’d talk to you for a minute and seem to sense your inner mood.

Seated twist, spinal twist,

 Marion worked in the IT industry for 20 years. She started out as a technical programmer and progressed to project management and she understands the long hours spent hunched over computers, the stress of early starts and late finishes, the demoralising effects of poor relationships, feeling like your are just a number, profits being more important than people.  Then there are all the stressful hours trapped in the car, stuck traffic jams or on long journeys. Teaching yoga since 2006 and before then she had been practicing as a student since 1990.  Her life experience positions her perfectly to clearly understand the needs and to provide real solutions to so many of the issues corporate workers, managers and executives are all effected by.

When I found out she was a yoga teacher that made complete sense: in touch with the body and mind; feeling forces that others might miss.

However I wasn’t expecting her to reveal that she’d had a former life as a geek. A pinstriped geek, in fact, with just over twenty years working in IT in the City of London. Until this fully paid-up member of the rat race realised she was in the wrong job.

So she escaped to follow her passion in life – yoga. She got on a plane to India to study with Vedic gurus how to still the physical body to hear the subconscious mind, and rebalance her life after years in a high-powered low-fulfilment job.

Critically she realised that her former colleagues – all those other rats still trapped – needed to hear this message too. So she returned to The City as a yoga therapist, trainer and teacher to pass this wisdom on.

She recently published an amazing book, “Companies Can Do Yoga Too” as she knew this was one of the quickest ways to help even more people.

Having one of the first copies that went on sale, I consider it to be one of the more relevant books on business success, and specifically on conscious business success you are likely to encounter.

So why should companies try yoga? When I met her I asked Marion if this was about using yoga to fix a crook neck and reduce sickness and absenteeism. Yes, she said. But there’s more.

If you do it right, she said, it could also improve relationships, communication and innovation, create stronger teams, give managers the sort of authenticity that money just can’t buy, and create an organisation that transforms into a 21st century powerhouse.

Yoga offers a set of simple disciplines that help centre the body and mind and make you fit on all levels to do business with a heightened sense of instinct and intuition. If ever there was a golden key to inspirational leadership, it comes from yoga and the principles it teaches. You will find out how to explore your current set of beliefs about life and business. Then to challenge them, find your true values and guide your life in an authentic way that’s true to yourself and to those around you.

Your mind is a powerful tool. Your beliefs and thoughts bring about a cascade of very real chemical and physical changes in your brain and the body. Marion shows you how you and others in your company can use simple yoga tools, theories and philosophies to create the optimum mind and body for business success.

She takes you right back to ancient Vedic wisdom with a simple system that explains how the body works on five different levels – the physical, the energetic body, the mental body, the intellectual body and finally the bliss body. These five levels influence human behaviour in all manner of ways, and yoga helps you manage all of them better.

She teaches you how to apply this wisdom in modern business settings, drawing upon her own experiences in the City of London as first a business woman and then a yoga teacher and therapist.

This is a complete and holistic approach to improving performance, productivity and growth both within the person and within the organisation. In every body, and in everybody.

In this information age, it’s more important than ever to have a clear and focused mind and heart-led collaborations. It’s the only way, Marion contends, that you respect basic human needs and avoid information overload, confusion and uncertainty.

Having this still centre of calm amidst all the frenetic activity of 21st century business is the path to huge power and success.

Whether you are a leader in an established business or a budding entrepreneur, you will be inspired to take a positive approach to growing your productive profitable business and evolving as a human being.

And congratulations because you’ve discovered this great organisation at exactly the right time to solve a problem that faces every trading business. Technology is moving at such a fast pace that humanity is having trouble keeping up. Men and women in boardrooms and management teams are having to deal with new ways of working, of dealing with customers and nurturing teams.

Those with dinosaur attitudes will fail. What’s needed is enlightened thinking in business about 21st century relationships, engagement, authenticity and what it looks like to do the right thing.

Marion now works together with many different health and wellbeing specialists, psychologist, hypnotherapist, life coach, osteopath, acupuncturist, massage therapist and various other professionals.  Together they work as an integrated team to offer holistic and complete solutions to companies and business in London and the South East.

  • Are you new to yoga or are you looking to improve your yoga practice?
  • Do you need help with relationships, public speaking or other fears and phobias?
  • Would you like to be able to perform better in all aspects of you life?
  • Do you have any health issues or need long lasting pain relief?
Yoga education

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