Yoga Classes

We specialise in yoga classes, stress management workshops and yoga education to London’s City workers. For a flexible mind, body and business our London based yoga classes are fun and fruitful!

Yoga can reduce pain and stiffness, improve fitness, increase productivity and performance. Bringing a calm, clear mind and a strong, flexible body.  Manage your stress and tension and find a better work life balance.

Free Yoga Classes – Yoga at your desk – The practice is given to you as a 5 day challenge, it’s an introduction to some basics of yoga at your desk and each daily practice is less than 10 minutes, bring calm comfort to your body and mind!

The bottom-line paradox: Personally you want to firm up your bottom line but for business expansion is the goal!

“You get more done when you have more fun!”

Private Yoga Classes – The practice is tailor made for you, your own personal yoga trainer will  progressively build your practice, week-by-week, and will introduce you to the basics of yoga postures (asanas), sequencing, balance, alignment and breathing techniques (pranayama).

Corporate Yoga Classes – Offering corporate yoga instruction at your workplace or office; we can create tailor-made yoga classes to help undo the effects of long hours in the office, at your desk and computer, and the stressful demands of todays workplace. We provide clients with fun and simple yoga exercises and breathing techniques that deliver real benefits to your health and to the companies bottom line.

Yoga Therapy – Yoga therapy can only be done on a one-to-one basis. Our clients find it to be an excellent resource for goal setting, personal achievement, and the elimination of many types of health conditions.

Public Yoga Classes – These london yoga classes are great for all levels of yoga student – from beginners and beyond suitable for anyone looking to improve their practice and revisit the fundamentals of yoga education.

We provide individual diagnoses, targeted health plans and tailored healing packages to meet your particular needs.

There is a combination of instruction in meditation and relaxation techniques. You’ll receive personal attention from the instructor as all group classes are intentionally small, all of our teachers are very experienced, many are therapists and or healers and even a former city worker for over 25 years. Working at a pace that allows de-stressing to ensure deeper learning as well as providing improvements in your posture, breath, tone, strength, flexibility, mood and a greater ability to cope with stress. London Yoga Classes

Work-related stress and anxiety is responsible for over half of employee absenteeism. Investing in health & wellbeing benefits you, your business and your employees.

Please be sure to let us know before any class if you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby. This will not prevent you from taking part, we can apply therapeutic adaptations and modifications to enable everyone to enjoy a fun learning experience.

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