Leaders are change makers.

So you’re probably thinking “What can some fluffy flakey yoga teacher tell me about leadership skills and business success?” 

Or if you’ve ever heard me speak perhaps it’s “what can that gobby scouse bird teach me about successful contemporary corporate leadership?”

Let me start by asking you one question…

What do you believe is currently holding you back?

Because it’s just that.. it’s only a belief!

So what exactly is a belief and how do you define it…  A belief is a repeated thought…

Sounds simple enough but belies the power of thoughts…Yoga-Presentation Leaders make Change

As a leader your role is to lead, to inform, to inspire, to influence and most importantly to CREATE CHANGE.  For this you must express your beliefs and values, physically, emotionally, verbally…

I want to share my beleifs, my knowledge and the truth as I perceive it, – in fact it’s more than knowledge it is my experience – the truth is… To CREATE Change you must…

Stop delivering information – share what you believe, express your message.  What would you fight to share? What do you live by, operate from, know absolutely?

“This IS me” So you – the change maker – identify your core fundamental beliefs, because it is these that are full of power full of conviction…

If you come from a place of absolute belief, from your heart, as a courageous and vulnerable soul, there is no fear only conviction…

If you come from your head there will be fear (fragile and fearful ego), the fear will detract from your conviction.

So when ever you deliver a message, to affect and change their thoughts you must connect with their internal representations (mental pictures painting 1000s of words). Using stories, metaphors, common experiences we can get association to the points we are making and then they relate to it. You must connect any new message to something that is already known so your audience can relate, or no one will be able to understand and remember your message never mind relate to it.  When we relate to things our state changes, and we are moved emotionally. As a leader, speaker, coach or mentor you must lead this state change, shifting states and emotions so they can follow, understand and then model what you are wanting for them.

Then decisions can begin to change, establish a sense of purpose and get emphatic “yes’s” – or even strong “no’s”. It’s important to encourage decisiveness, pose questions get agreement and that leads to new choices…

Tell the emperor he’s not wearing any clothes! Challenge the status quo – so a new answer becomes necessary – Change and do – Action – only if actions change – only when will you get them to act in accordance with the new beliefs, thoughts and choices, only when you instigate the process to get started in every interaction that’s needed will we get new results

Beliefs are multi dimensional, interlinked, complex. They come in layers and can be interwoven, and so often a complex belief will be full of conflicting ideas… but they are buried deep in our psyche, caught in our subconscious and or unconscious – ready to pounce when we least expect it – we can believe we have changed a belief – but if it is only at a surface level the old ways will come back, it may take a day, a week, a month, maybe a year, but it will come back if we don’t dig deep into the roots of the beliefs we want to change we waste so much energy fighting a lost battle.  Anyone who has tried to give up smoking and failed, lose weight and failed, leave a toxic relationship and failed… we all know the power of those unconscious beleifs, habits, behaviours. Be patient, realistc, honest, vigilant, resourceful, determined and disciplined – eventually you will succeed – we will be successful and succeed in our goal.


Award Winning Public Speaking Mentor, Author, Energy Psychologist, Kinesiologist, Yoga Therapist and Radio Show host. I help you have fun and find fulfilment as you learn how to connect your mind and your body at a Soul level - empowering you beyond your wildest dreams! Discover the powerful, emotional and spiritual force inside YOU… Do you want to find the true you, communicate more authentically, be healthier & happier? I'm here on a mission to help you SEE and reveal what nobody else can! "With her Sixth Sense and Straight Talking, Marion helps you see things that others can't." Marina Nani.

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