PRIME Profit Paradigm™

The Paradigm where business Grows

The PRIME Profit Paradigm – Offering potent and powerful products and systems to get you, your team, and your business on track for huge growth and success.

Advanced Leadership Programmes & Executive Education

The Corporate Yoga London management and leadership programmes offer the opportunity for you, if you are a seasoned general manager or senior executives, to step back from your professional and personal live and dedicate quality time for yourself. Have a workplace that is an inspiring and learning environment. Refresh your thinking and fine-tune your leadership agenda, you will benefit from the experience, discussions and exchanges with outstanding speakers, trainers and leaders from leading edge organisations.

A selection of the training, education and workshops we offer:

  1. Growing your People
  2. Knowing your People
  3. Managing Relationships 
  4. Strategic Management – Mindset Alignment
  5. Influential Innovation
  6. Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
  7. Change Management – Regain Balance
  8. Transformational Leadership
  9. Growing Your Business

Modern Businesses today
focused on growth,
not at any cost
but at less cost.

To stay competitive and continue to grow, CEOs and leadership teams must strive to find breakthrough, leading edge performance and productivity gains from employees in this rapidly changing landscape powered by the IT revolution.

Corporate yoga develops leadership skills

What can The PRIME profit paradigm™ do for you?

  • A successful business is one with profits that grow year on year.
  • Physical and mental resilience is the result of a happier, healthier workforce.
  • Collaborative relationships between strong, close knit teams and authentic leaders.
  • Aligned values so that together you automatically take the actions required to grow.
  • Sustainable expansion and growth in this ever changing business landscape.
  • A digital technological evolution that becomes your best ally.

“Are you surviving in business like
a dinosaur in the industrial age or
have you found a way to
evolve, expand, fourish and thrive
in the information age?”

The Unique Training Systems we offer are the only comprehensive and business focused yoga training created to grow your organisation and shift it into the new paradigm – The Information Age. We look at the five key areas indicated by PRIME to take you forward into the new paradigm.

Lord Young released his ‘Growing Your Business’ report in May 2013. In it he has highlight three areas that he believes create the right conditions for businesses to fulfill their growth potential.

The message is that for businesses to thrive and grow they are looking for three things:

The Three C’s of Business Growth!

1. Confidence – not only in the economy and overall prospects for growth, but also in their conviction to make it happen

2. Capability – by improving a firm’s health, resilience, skills and performance

3. Coherence – businesses need support that is designed and marketed in a way that everybody involved including the customers, can understand, can trust and can find.

The PRIME profit paradigm™  has all of these components inherent within its truly holistic and integrated design:

P=People with Capability
R=Relationships with Coherence and Clarity
I=Innovation with Confidence
M=Mindset with Courage and Conviction
E=Expansion and Growth

To create real and sustainable growth in business requires: confidence, courage, clarity and certainty.

It also requires a big leap, a leap that is so often into the unknown.

To grow and operate at a size that you have never been before is after all unknown.

A new perspective is needed – call us today.

The purpose of this program of training is to support you and guide you through this change, assist you creating real change, a transformative experience that will bring you onto this unknown territory, into the new paradigm.

Corporate Yoga London Providing all the tools to Shift you into The PRIME Profit Paradigm™

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