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How does Corporate Yoga work?

Sonia Poleon at Colourful Radio wanted to know more about Corporate Yoga, so I went along to her show to do an interview. (A recording of the whole interview, including some great music, is below.)

We had a lot of fun and talked about stress management and how yoga can help, and started the conversation talking about the training we offer, not just yoga exercises – we do leadership training too, then we moved on to the subject of stress management in the workplace and presenteeism, “What’s that?” Sonia asked…

Manage Stress, Generate Health & Wellbeing,
To Maintain Profitable Growth 

Seated twist

Doing Yoga at your desk, simple and effective.

The biggest thing impacting the workforce is stress. What are you and your company doing to build the resilience of the workforce.

Are you HR department good at simply ‘managing absence’ or are they willing to make real progress by actively encouraging prevention and building resilience?

Most companies will at most have an employee assistance programme (EAP) in place and if people are off sick for longer than 4 weeks they will be referred to occupational health and the best they can hope for it a bit of counselling….. This is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

Stress is the number one reason for absence in the UK….  And now the answer to Sonia’s question.


Sickness and Absence along with all associated costs of ill health costs the UK economy £100bn per year. And this is not just through absenteeism. There is also PRESENTEEISM…
That’s when you go to work sick, so you’re not at your best, your work will suffer and any germs you have can be spread around – not exactly spreading the love now is it!
(The numbers are astonishing too, these statistics are from a survey done in 2012) 

  • Presenteeism costs £15bn per year, that’s twice the cost of absenteeism.
  • Overall nearly three quarters 72% of employees recently surveyed went into work while sick. Around half of those choosing to turn up for duty while sick said the most important factor in their decision was job security. A third of workers are more likely to go into work ill because of the economic downturn. More than half (53%) of those questioned went into work with a contagious illness such as the flu or a cold in the past year.
  • Absenteeism due to mental health problems costs UK businesses £4.8bn a year.
  • 16 million workdays per year are lost due to obesity and obesity related illness.
  • If current trends continue, around 90% of men and 80% of women will be overweight or obese by 2050.

When you invest in corporate wellbeing, and offer yoga for stress management, you are investing in the future of your business. Keeping your employees and yourself fit, happy and healthy is crucial in today’s corporate environment.

There has been a rise of 122% in reported workplace illness, with 1.3 million people each year suffering work-related ill health. Some of the health concerns experienced include stress and lifestyle related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, muscular-skeletal disorders and mental health issues.

Have you ever considered the following questions?

  • Why is more not being done to recognise this?
  • What can be done to change the current attitude to tackling stress at work?
  • What is the single biggest thing that can be done to make a difference to your organisation and why?

From a leadership perspective

There is a great buzz word around right now “Authenticity”.   But it may not be easy to achieve authentic leadership – many people are scared to be themselves at work, worried about being different because that doesn’t fit with the company culture!

But employees will not follow a manager or leader who is not authentic. People want to be led by someone “real.”  This may be a reaction to the turbulent times we live in and the widespread disenchantment with politicians and businesspeople. We all suspect that we’re being duped.

The World is Constantly Changing

Change only effects the workforce because of the adverse reaction they have to it – not all change creates a bad feeling, but in the main it creates fear (loss of job etc) and this is caused by the way it is dealt with by managers and is not about the change itself.

Moving Forward – The leading Edge.

There are 3 big trends that will enable companies to achieve Peak performance in 2015 and beyond.  We at Corporate Yoga London provide solutions and services to companies for managing and actually taking advantage of these trends:

  1. Change
  2. Interconnectedness
  3. Knowledge based work

How we can help

Running private corporate yoga classes in-house, and if you don’t have adequate floor space then the “Yoga at your Desk” Classes are perfect for you. These classes all build resilience in the workforce, improve health, wellbeing, performance and relationships.

Providing personal yoga training through 1-2-1 sessions, developing your own personal prescriptive practice with regular reviews for accelerated progress.

Facilitating workshops and presenting keynote lectures which are upbeat, fun, proactive and empassioned.

Our most popular workshops:

Stress Busting – Resilience Building

Gain a greater awareness of just how pervasive stress can be. Learn simple and effective stress-busting tools to build resilience. This workshop was developed using state of the art biofeedback monitoring which demonstrates the impact of stress and positive emotion on the heart.

This workshop includes:
Yoga at our Desk” A sequence of yoga activities and stretches you can do in your chair.
Mindfulness at your Desk” Ways to stay calm and stress free at work.
Meditations at your desk” Simple and quick meditation techniques you can do anywhere and personally made guided visualisations, tailor made for you to reach your goals.

Authenticity – the key to success and power in all walks of life

Learn how compassion in relationships is healthy for your emotions, your body and your mind, as well as those your in relationship with.  Using some simple yoga techniques for feeling happier and improving your working (and personal) relationships.

The Positive Power of the Mind

Learn how mood impacts emotional and physical health and how positivity can improve creativity and personal effectiveness. Learn techniques to help with presenting, public speaking and effective strategies to feel more positive.

Enhancing mood and performance through the power of the breath

Gain an understanding of how your mood and your thoughts can be shifted by simple breathing techniques, resulting in a more creative and productive work environment.


All of training can take place either onsite at your offices or we have various locations in EC1, EC3, WC1 and N1.

There is so much more information in this interview – listen now!


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